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WHEN:   Saturday October 9, 2-4 pm
WHERE: "Glenferny", 24 Moana Rd, Days Bay, Eastbourne

"Glen Fernie"
October 9 1999

The clouds parted almost on cue at 2pm after a gusty, grey morning and the stage was set for a perfect afternoon.  The Days Bay garden of Dorothy Archibald and Bill Walker was in peak condition with a wonderful array of gold tulips, with a lovely story behind them, marching up the drive to the house. 

Lady Hardie Boys opened the garden party in her low-key but very thoughtful style.  She spoke of our Christian heritage and the historical significance of the Bi-Millennium, had a cup of tea, then moved around the garden chatting warmly with many of the 120 guests present, some of whom had been friends and neighbours or colleagues in the art world.  The music of the string quartet led by Bea Wilson, playing in dappled shade, gave particular pleasure to our Guest of Honour. 

Bill Wollerman and friends entertained with jazz and blues in another part of the garden.  Nola Rough and others had set up floral arrangements in several areas and a beautiful bouquet was presented to Lady Hardie Boys by Louise Smith.

A sumptuous afternoon tea, masterminded by Prue Barker, with a willing team of cooks and helpers, was distributed around the guests by a lovely team of Guides supervised by Dreenagh Hepplestone.   Trays of sandwiches, exquisitely presented slices and delicious passionfruit sponge accompanied by tea and coffee were absolute winners.

Lovely photographs were taken by Loma Dellabarca and the Eastbourne Youth supervised by Helen Jorgensen, our Youth Worker, capturing the warmth of the afternoon and the happiness of everyone who came. Thanks to Dorothy and Bill for providing such a perfect setting.   It was an afternoon to remember and the Committee's vision was wonderfully realised.

Mary Tallon